“The foundation of a child’s character is laid in his formative years”

‘Child is the father of a Man’. The essence of education is character formation; teaching young pupils how to live in society & encouraging them to think independently. Every young person has the power within him or her to change the world. It is the role of those who teach to believe in that power to encourage & release it. The parents & teachers work here in a team to teach anything we are proud of.


  • Parents must take care to send their child regularly to the school in time.
  • Parents should ensure that all the assignment & homework sent by the school should be completed in time. It will help your child to secure good marks.
  • Please be updated regarding school notices in thediary. All information regarding holidays, meetings, fees & exams are updated by the school through the medium of school whatsapp group & diary. 


  • Parents can come & meet the Pricipal or teachers for their child’s schoolastic & non-schoolastic performance on satrudays between 11.30 am o 12.30pm.
  • Please address all communication to the Principal through the class teacher. Clearly mention your child’s admission number, class and section in your communication.
  • Please be sure to inform the school if there is any change in your address, designation or telephone number by submitting an application to the class teacher.
  • Check the school portal / website regularly. Keep yourself updated about school activities & other information.
  • You can meet the Principal and teachers during the visiting hours. Please do not try to contact the Principal or teachers over the phone. Meeting the Principal with prior appointment will be appreciated as he has to make himself free to address your concerns
  • Any matter of concern/Complaints will be entertained during the school hours only.
  • Messages for the school from parents should be delivered in person, in writing or by telephone /electronic-mail. Word-of mouth messages through children or friends or guardian should not be used.


  • Always mark all the belongings of your ward with their name & class.
  • Do spend quality time your child, check their notebooks & workbooks.
  • Go through all the comments mentioned in the diary or notebook.
  • Make sure your child does not carry valueable things like gold, mobile phones, wrist watch etc. Incase of loss we will not be responsible for the loss
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the school campus. If found it will confisceted. 
  • We provide breakfast from the school which is nutritious as well as hygienic. So no need of tiffin from the home but incase the child brings food ti should be wholesome & vegetarian. No Junk Food.
  • It is mandetory for the students to carry driving licence & wear helmet in case they ring their own 2-wheeler in school
  • A student who has respect for the school & the teacher learns immensely. Avoid criticizing the school or the teacher in the presence of your child. If you here any gennuine complaint kindly meet the Principal.
  • Encourage your word to speak in English at home & provide them proper embience to improve spoken english.


  • Parents are requested to personally see off and receive their wards at the bus stop (especially Classes Pre-Nursery to V). Parents to carry their school ID card whenever they visit school to meet officials / teachers on working days and on PTM, otherwise entry may be restricted.
  • Parents are requested not to collect their wards during school hours. In case of emergency the parent should come in person or an authorized person whose photograph is pasted in the Almanac should come, along with the application and parents must also convey the message telephonically to the concerned In- charge.
  • It is mandatory for the students using personal conveyance (Two Wheelers) at home to wear helmets and carry license. They are only allowed to ride 50cc bikes as per the notification of Traffic Police Department. Safety and security of the child is the sole responsibility of the parents, in such cases.
  • Motivate your child to maintain a proper code of conduct. Any misbehaviour / indiscipline and damage to school property may lead to serious consequence (disciplinary action).
  • No sharp objects namely blade, knife, scissors, needle should be sent to school to ensure safety. Posting of derogatory remarks & obscene pictures on social media will invite severe disciplinary action (Suspension / Rustication from school).
  • Parents and guardians must not visit their wards or teachers in the class rooms.
  • Electronic gadgets (mobiles, i-pod, play-stations, audio / video players, camera etc) are not permitted inside the school premises as per CBSE school rules. If found, the articles will be confiscated for 6 months. If such instances are repeated, then the child will be asked to leave the school.
  • Possession and consumption of alcohol, cigarette, tobacco products and any other form of intoxicating / illegal substance is strictly prohibited and will invite expulsion from school with immediate effect.
  • Parents are suggested to send healthy hygienic Vegetarian food. Non-Vegetarian food should be avoided as it makes child drowsy and may lead to food poisoning
  • Parents must ensure that their wards have packed their school bags carefully for the day. No item in the form of lunch boxes / pencil boxes/books/activity material/musical instrument etc. will be allowed entry in the school after the school begins.


  • Child will not be sent from school with half day leave on pretext of any reason. In case the child is not medically fit to attend the school, then it’s advisable to have proper care and rest at home. For other miscellaneous reasons (home functions, marriage, birthday etc), kindly check the priority and take an appropriate decision. Parents are requested not to make any social engagements or medical appointments during working hours.
    Under no circumstances the child will be sent back home once he attends the school. Any request or application in this regard will not be entertained. Child will be marked Absent if he / she is forced to leave school premises during the day.
  • If a child is found unwell while at school or gets injured while playing, then school will inform parents immediately and will be allowed to collect their ward from school for further course of action.
  • A student who has respect for the school and the teacher learns immensely. Avoid criticizing the school or the teacher in the presence of your child. If you have any legitimate complaint, kindly meet the Principal/HM/Administrator.
  • You are requested to ensure that the birthday celebration of your ward in the school is confined to his/her classmates only and should be on a modest scale. Child is permitted to bring any chocolate / toffee (cost Re 1/-) to distribute. Costly chocolates & cakes are strictly not allowed in class or bus.
    Children of Pre-primary & Primary may come in casual dress on their birthday. Students from VI to XII will report to school in uniform on Birthdays. Students should not wear watch and jewellery.
  • No gift /sweets are to be sent for the staff members on any occasion.
  • Encourage your ward to speak in English at home and provide him / her ambience to improve spoken English.


  • Unit test, half yearly test, term tests & final exams affect the promotion of your child to the next class. Do not try to miss them. Please take them seriously & avoid absnteeism for the betterment of your child.
  • School follows Guj. Board Schedule & school calendar for tests & holidays.


  • Parents should spend quality time with their children. They should sacrifice their leisure hours if they want to see their wards fulfill their dreams.
  • Criticism of the school, the Principal and the teachers should be avoided in front of children. Such criticism builds disrespect for the school and the child may find himself in a state of confusion regarding following the rules and code of conduct laid down by the school.
  • The school rules should first be followed by the parents, such as paying fee on time, attending all PTMs, coming to school on calls from the teachers, the Wing Head or the Principal. Seeing the parents’ positive response, the children will readily accept their teachers’ instructions.
  • Don’t be impulsive in pleading your ward’s case if a teacher of the school has punished him/her. Try to know the reason by first talking to your child and then talking to the concerned teacher or the HM.
  • Never say, “We are earning & doing hard work for you; what we have belongs to you”. Delay instant gratification and learn to differentiate between need and want. Raise children in disciplined manner.
  • Parents should regularly check the bags and belongings of their children at least once a week. A few children sometimes bring unwanted material to school, so parents should not mind if the bags / pockets / bottles are checked by the school authorities.
  • Parents should never allow unchecked, uncontrolled, unsupervised access to the internet and social networking websites, especially Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Google chats to their children. If the children feel bad about it, let them feel so. Parents should be firm on their decision as it is a question of their ward’s future. Such websites invite distraction as there is an abundance of objectionable material available on the internet. Bad is always bad, and bad will make the child worse if he is not monitored and guided at the right time and the right age
  • Mobile culture should not be encouraged during school life. Experience conveys that there is more harm than good due to mobile addiction. It is a device which distracts most of the children from their studies. Physical activities such as sports should be encouraged, for the healthy development of the child. If the children are too young to go alone, their parents should take them to the playground.
  • Involve your sons as well as daughters in household chores such as washing, cleaning, dusting, ironing clothes, cooking and gardening, which may be taken up for half an hour twice a week. This channelizes their energy in constructive work and also teaches them dignity of labour, apart from reducing the aggression in them.
  • A careful combination of firmness and leniency should be used. Excess of pampering will be problematic in later stages of school and college. Over-pleading the cases of wards will bear negative results in life ahead. They might become sympathy seekers.
  • In the wake of deteriorating moral standards in the society, parents should keep a close watch on their child’s friend circle, including tuition friends. They should frequently visit tuition classes (if they attend) to check if there is a noticeable change in his/her behaviour.
  • The parents must keep track of the expenditure of the pocket money of the child and also help him to develop a habit of saving money. They should refrain from giving excess money to their child. School doesn’t demand money from parents & SMS will be sent to the parents in case money is required.
  • Be patient with your child; never show paroxysms of anger, give off-the-cuff remarks or jump to conclusions without listening to him / her. Give your child time, advice and love and see how beautifully you can ward off all the negative thoughts of your child.